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Tradex: “Our reason for being is to serve”


Since 2012, Tradex has donated about $60,000 to United Way Ottawa on behalf of local public servants through its Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) program—an incredible accomplishment. This program invites clients to save for a child’s education by contributing to an RESP and in turn, Tradex donates an amount matching 5% of the RESP contributions.

Tradex is a financial services firm “born and raised” in Ottawa. It was formed in 1960 by employees from two federal government departments, then named the Department of Trade and Commerce and the Department of External Affairs.

Its purpose was to help diplomats and others serving abroad manage and invest their money in the most effective way possible while they were away for numerous years. Since then, it grew into a full financial services firm for all federal, provincial, municipal and crown public servants.

Tradex is also the only not-for-profit mutual funds company in Canada, beneficially owned by its 3,000 clients/investors.

With a mission of serving public servants and their families, it came naturally for Tradex to want to do more—to go the extra mile.

The company explored ways of investing that would allow for its clients to capitalize for their families while contributing to their community at the same time—that’s when the relationship developed with United Way Ottawa.

United Way helps our community’s most vulnerable people, with a large focus placed on supporting at-risk kids. United Way believes that every child deserves an equal opportunity to be all that they can be, and thanks to donors, we help kids develop the skills they need to succeed in school—putting them on the path to a successful life.

This focus resonated with Tradex, so its team introduced a new program to clients in 2012. When clients choose to invest in the future of their children or grandchildren through a RESP opened with Tradex, the firm donates its 5 per cent commission to United Way in the name of the client/investor.

Blair Cooper, president and CEO of Tradex, says “Tradex wanted to give members something that would be beneficial to them, something that would line up with our not-for-profit organization and something that would do good in the community.”

Tradex knows United Way is the best means to make a difference locally.

Making an impact where they do business is important, since Tradex’s clientele is largely located in the region of Ottawa-Outaouais. By donating to United Way, Tradex truly maximizes the impact of their clients’ savings.




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