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Together, we can overcome
hate and violence.

Together, we can overcome hate and violence.

Help make Ottawa a welcome city for all.

United for All is a coalition of 44 organizations representing 150+ partners who are all committed to overcoming hate-based violence, racism, and extremism in East Ontario.

Since 2016, this growing partnership has brought together social service agencies, faith-based organizations, policymakers, human rights groups, health providers, school boards and post-secondary institutions, grassroots social justice groups, criminal justice professionals, cultural groups and more – all with the common mission to build safe, compassionate, resilient communities for everyone.

Mayor, police chief, and president of United Way sign a declaration at City Hall, surrounded by members of the United for All coalition
Michael Allen, President and CEO of United Way East Ontario; Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa; and Peter Sloly, former Chief of the Ottawa Police Service; sign onto the United Nations Strong Cities Network at the public launch of United for All in 2019.


100+ community partners, represented by more than 50+ individuals, bring a blend of expertise and involvement in different sectors from across East Ontario. The group’s expertise includes anti-Black racism, diversity, academia, gender-based violence and violence prevention, health and mental health, journalism, psychology, security, and refugee settlement.

When hate-based incidents occur in our communities, United for All calls upon the Rapid Response Committee, consisting of coalition partners with relevant expertise, to plan for an appropriate response.

Members: Sophia Jacob, Hamid Mousa, Abid Jan, Ahmad Luqman, Valerie Stam, Beth Tolley, Jean-François Ratelle, Yusra Usman

The table of champions supports the coalition’s work, advocates for common causes and system change, and serves as a voice and a mechanism to convene when hate, violence and extremism emerge in the community.

Members: Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Ottawa Police Chief, United Way East Ontario President and CEO Michael Allen, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa Andrea Freedman, City of Ottawa Councillor Rawlson King, journalist and human rights advocate Amira Elghawaby, CEO of Crime Prevention Ottawa Nancy Worsfold, criminal lawyer Michael Smith, Coordinating Minister at Parkdale United Church Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey, President and CEO of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Alex Munter, broadcaster Mark Sutcliffe, Chair of the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition Joan Riggs, Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre Yasir Naqvi, and General Manager of Community and Social Services at the City of Ottawa Donna Gray

United Way East Ontario serves as the backbone for United for All. United Way convenes the coalition, coordinates meetings and communication, identifies research and grant opportunities, and provides communications and capacity building support. United Way is also responsible for mobilizing the rapid response committee to address emerging issues, and for supporting the table of champions.

Diversity is the heartbeat of our communities. Age, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, abilities, values, and beliefs — our differences make up the vibrant tapestry that holds us together.

But in recent years, hate crimes and hate speech toward religious and cultural groups has been on the rise. In 2020, it became clear that the pandemic was disproportionately affecting racialized communities locally, nationally, and globally. COVID-19-related hate crimes against Asian communities increased 600 per cent in 2020. Police violence against Black people made international headlines.


Through 10 Strategy Areas for Collective Action, United for All aims to strengthen community resilience to prevent hate and violence. As a coalition, we strongly believe that working together across sectors and with people with lived experience is key to addressing the root causes of hate in our communities.

Our action plan was informed by 25 focus group consultations with community members; education, health, law enforcement, and municipal services; and community and social service organizations. Through joint planning and coordination, United for All proactively supports community-level action to address system-wide issues that result in hate, violence, and extremism.


  • Following an increase in hate-based incidents in late 2016, United Way East Ontario brought together community leaders and organizations to address hate and violence at a local level.
  • In 2017, the group launched discussions to identify root causes and potential solutions to counter intolerance in Ottawa.
  • The coalition publicly launched its work in November 2019.
  • Informed by community consultations, the coalition produced its first Action Plan in March 2020, focused on the city of Ottawa.
  • In 2021, United Way broadened engagement into Prescott-Russell, Lanark County, and Renfrew County, to strengthen the region-wide approach.

For a community to be great, it has to be great for everyone.


Our vision is that communities across Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark County and Renfrew County are strong, safe, and inclusive for all. Together, we can overcome hate and violence.

For more information or to get involved, please contact United Way East Ontario’s Senior Manager, Healthy People Strong Communities.


United for All sends out a quarterly bulletin to keep coalition members, champions, and interested partners apprised of our work to end hate and violence in East Ontario.