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Community Secondment Program

We are looking for enthusiastic employees living or working in United Way East Ontario’s region (Ottawa, Lanark County, Renfrew County, and the United Counties of Prescott-Russell) interested in an immersive 12-month full-time professional development program.

Why partner with United Way East Ontario?

Leader, Innovator and Trusted Partner 

Recognized locally and nationally as a leader in the social services sector, United Way East Ontario (UWEO) is a trusted partner across all sectors, bringing people and resources together to build strong and healthy communities for all. Our work is dynamic: we convene, invest, research, fundraise and advocate, and our workplace is the perfect environment to host an immersive, professional development program aligned with the talent management objectives of employers in our region.

Need more information? 

Any questions can be directed to:

Joanne Braknis

What is the Community Secondment Program (CSP)?

Our program is a secondment to the community sector: participating employees temporarily join United Way East Ontario for a year-long assignment while retaining their substantive position with their employer. We offer a variety of full-time positions embedded in teams across our organization, developed to broaden and deepen professional skills and competencies while supporting community initiatives that drive impact. These positions encompass a range of skills sets including:

  • project management
  • stakeholder relationships
  • marketing and communications
  • advocacy and government relations
  • convening and facilitating 
  • research 
  • various corporate service functions. 

The positions, listed on our website, are revised annually in accordance with community and organizational needs. Each position below is linked to a complete position description to inform interested employers and participants.

How does the CSP benefit your workplace?

Our flexible program offers benefits to employers by accommodating participants at every stage of their career cycle:

  • Develop and retain participating talent early in their career who will return to your team/department with increased skills and abilities prepared to take on new responsibilities.

  • Enhance employee and team morale by investing in meaningful professional development for mid-career employees who apply their skills and competencies in an invigorating community context and return to your team/department feeling rejuvenated and motivated.

  • Enable succession planning for your team/department by supporting the transition to retirement for employees nearing the end of their careers with the means to share their knowledge and skills, and to actively contribute to the community.

The program offers value to employer and participating employees at every step:

  • Performance goals and learning objectives are jointly set and monitored by the employee, the employer, and United Way staff.  The program includes scheduled performance reviews and a final report.

  • Experience for participants includes increased knowledge of social justice and other systemic issues facing our communities, meaningful work that makes a difference, and cultivating a new network with United Way staff and stakeholders.

  • Positions are designed to optimize individual leadership; they do not have direct reports. There are no security or job-level classification requirements. Where applicable, position descriptions will note specific requisites, such as access to a vehicle or French language capabilities.
  • Training and learning resources are provided in-house and through third-party providers to achieve program learning objectives and offer long-term benefits when participants return to their workplace.

  • Provision of a workspace in one of our offices and the use of a laptop equipped for remote work as needed with full support from our IT department.

  • Employees return to their workplace feeling motivated and rejuvenated, with additional knowledge and skills ready to take on new challenges with increased confidence. 

What positions are available?

We are currently developing our opportunities for 2024 and they will be available soon. Keep checking back.

What happens to your employees?

Participants remain employees of their employer and continue to receive their full salary and benefits for the duration of the program. United Way East Ontario does not refund or reimburse the employer for the participant’s salary, benefits or authorized travel expenses. On completion of the program, the employee returns to a position with their employer at their substantive level unless other arrangements have been made.

The Community Secondment Program and Hybrid Work Environment

United Way East Ontario has adeptly transitioned its operations to a hybrid work model. Recruitment and onboarding are done both virtually and in the office. United Way East Ontario follows government and public health guidelines and best practices for optimizing a hybrid workforce.  United Way East Ontario respects and can accommodate Community Secondment Program participants’ employment agreements regarding virtual, hybrid and/or in office work models.

How do I apply?

After reviewing the various positions available, please obtain your manager’s approval, and then send your CV and a cover letter (maximum 500 words) by email indicating which positions are of interest to Please copy your manager in your submission. Positions will remain open until filled.

More exciting professional development opportunities

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