Our Impact

Mobilizing the power of caring communities to address the most serious local issues
To tackle the toughest problems our communities face, we must first untangle the challenges and truly understand what’s before us. We then draw the right people to the table to address it, advocate for change, and fundraise for support.

Together we then invest our available resources in smart, strategic ways, to ultimately—move the needle. This is the power of United Way.

How we do it


Our expert volunteers evaluate and make recommendations to fund programs, collaborations and initiatives that create measurable, lasting change.


Whether through fundraising, leveraging grants or securing other resources, United Way seeks to attract support where it is needed most for the thousands who depend on us.


We speak up and advocate for action on issues that directly impact our community—especially for the most vulnerable, whose voices often go unheard.


United Way has the connections and trust within our community to bring together the right people and organizations across all sectors to conquer complex challenges.


We use rigorous data analysis and evidence to inform our decisions and understand the diverse challenges our neighbourhoods face.

Our focus areas

In fulfilling our mission, vision and promise, our activities fall across three focus areas.

All That Kids
Can Be

Every kid should have the basic building blocks to stay on track to succeed—in school, and in life.

From Poverty to Possibility

A place to call home, a job and a sense of belonging—we can ensure more people in our communities achieve financial independence and stability.

Healthy People, Strong Communities

Ensuring our communities are great for everyone by improving equity, connections and overall well-being.

Our outcomes

For a community to be great, it has to be great for everyone.

United Way East Ontario works with local agency partners, multiple levels of government, community stakeholders and thousands of donors, to change lives across Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark County and Renfrew County. Through research, consultation and analysis we identify where our communities need help the most and where we can achieve the greatest results.

United Way is uniquely positioned to deliver on these 17 outcomes:

All That Kids Can Be

From Poverty To Possibility

Healthy people, strong communities

Our impact

Every day we do our best to be innovative, nimble and responsive to the needs in our communities and interests of our donors. Our annual report is a testament to not only the incredible generosity of our donors, the strength of our partnerships and collaborations, the talent and dedication of our team, but also our collective impact. We value the trust of our donors and are committed to financial transparency and accountability—take a look at our financial statements for details on our operations, investments and more.

Community-wide Initiatives

United Way East Ontario brings people together to solve social issues and improve local lives. This work would be impossible without the support of local agencies, corporations, community leaders, and government.  When you contribute to or participate in community-wide programs and long-term planning initiatives you are part of creating lasting social change.

Employment Accessibility Resource Network
Employment Accessibility Resource Network (EARN) brings together employers, service providers and other stakeholders to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities and to promote inclusive and accessible workplaces.
Hire Immigrants Ottawa
Hire Immigrants Ottawa (HIO) brings together employers, immigrant agencies and stakeholders to enhance employers’ ability to access the talents of skilled immigrants in the Ottawa area.
project step
project step is an award-winning drug and substance abuse initiative, which ensures local youth have access to counselling, support, addiction education, and prevention programming.
Facing Forward
Everyone deserves access to personal protective equipment. For many, getting face masks isn’t as easy as it sounds.
United for All
Coming together to address the issues of hate, violence and extremism in our community.

Building a strong region

In 2017, the four United Ways of Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark and Renfrew Counties joined forces.
Today, we operate as one entity: United Way East Ontario.

From a donor perspective, much may seem the same: 100% of funds raised local, stay local. Staff and volunteers in the Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark County and Renfrew County offices remain engaged in overseeing investment decisions, fundraising activities, community development work and volunteer management in their respective communities.

By working as one United Way, we lean into one another and share capabilities so we can better serve those most in need. Where possible, offices work together to co-invest in collective approaches to address our communities’ biggest issues.

As we evolve and increasingly see and seize opportunities to work cross-regionally, more data will become available to report on the local needs and investment outcomes in all of the communities we serve. For this reason, for now, many of the facts and stats on our pages are Ottawa-specific as it represents our largest investment footprint. 

Join us and make our communities great.

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