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Women United members make a difference where they live, advocate for change, and create a brighter future for women and girls. Together, we can ensure all women have the supports they need to thrive.

Global movement. Local impact.

There are more than 70,000+ Women United members worldwide—across six countries and 165 communities. As part of this powerful movement, our members leverage their time, talents, and funds to empower women in our communities to build strong, independent lives 

The stats may surprise you

Discrimination at work, violence at home, struggles to break the cycle of poverty—these are just some of the stark realities facing women, girls, and gender-diverse people in our region. Together, we can tackle these challenges at the local level.

Only 6.2%

of board, executive, and pipeline positions are held by women of colour, collectively, according to a Canada-wide survey.

30 femicides

have happened in Ontario in just 30 weeks, according to a recent report.*

* Nov. 26, 2022 – June 30, 2023

1 in 5

single mothers live in low-income situations in Ontario, and almost half (44%) of single mothers with young children are living below the poverty line. 

How Women United makes lasting change

United Way East Ontario's Women United makes a difference in these four areas:

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Addressing gender-based violence

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Empowering women in leadership

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Supporting young mothers and their children

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Building an equitable economic recovery

We make measurable change happen by investing in two distinct ways:

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Latest news and stories

Join our community

You can be part of this group of trailblazers creating a lasting impact. 

Women United is a diverse, vibrant community of visionaries and change makers bound together by a powerful sense of belonging — to one another and to our mission of transforming the lives of women. 

As a Women United member, you can …

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Participate in the investment of our Community Action Grants as part of our Assessment Team.

Connect with like-minded individuals at our signature events.

Feel more connected to local issues you care about through unique member opportunities like meeting grant recipients, building kits for women fleeing violence, or attending advocacy events.  

See the impact of your giving and the measurable difference your donation makes in our quarterly newsletter, United Way’s annual report, and storytelling.

Meet our members

We believe being a Women United member is an inspiring and fulfilling experience. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear from some of our members:  

A photo of Krista Pearson.

Raised by an inspiring single parent, I have always been drawn to the work of United Way and initiatives that involve supporting women, girls, and gender-diverse people. Women United combines opportunities for volunteers to give back in multiple ways, recognizing that each person has access to different resources, skills, and abilities; and then through the funding and programs, Women United works in the community with real people to make a difference to the lives of women and families. 

- Krista Pearson

I am committed to opening doors for women who come after me and to those create opportunities for those women to stretch and grow beyond even what they think is possible for themselves. Because of this, I am committed to investing my time, talent, and resources to organizations like Women United who are here to lift up, empower, and support women.

- Johanne Delves

I donate to Women United because I truly believe that gender discrimination and violence against women is a terrible failure of our society. As a volunteer assessor I get to read about those great people who want to build a better world, and I can contribute in my own way to supporting that change.

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Donate and become a member

Every donation to Women United helps women across our region. Our most robust membership level is for individuals who make an annual contribution of $1200 or more, but Supporter-level memberships begin with a minimum donation of $300.  

Donors to United Way East Ontario can designate a gift to Women United to become a member. Gifts can be made as one-time, monthly or payroll deduction through your workplace campaign. 

A headshot of Shannon McGirr.

We’re happy to help. To learn more about membership levels and benefits, please contact Shannon McGirr, Manager Donor Relations and Women United, at 613-683-4304 or smcgirr@unitedwayeo.ca. 

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