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Get Involved

Behind our work, there are people who get involved in big and small—but always significant—ways. They ensure a better future for their family, and their community.

Our greatest challenges demand the force of our entire region, and its smart, dedicated, and generous people.

Partner with us

By joining forces with United Way East Ontario, your organization can make a real, measurable impact on the lives of those who need it most. Our partners are engaged in their communities—and they show their local love in creative ways, all while meeting their business objectives.

Whether your organization’s goal is to improve employee engagement, demonstrate accountability, increase brand recognition, or simply make your neighbourhood a better place for all—United Way is here to help.

Let’s work together

Team up with us to promote your organization’s social responsibility and make a difference for people in need. With your support and our expertise, we can build a partnership that changes lives. 

Already a partner?

Check out our campaign toolkit. It’s full of resources you can use to create powerful, inspiring, and successful fundraising initiatives. All the tools, tips, and tricks you’ll need in one place.

A photo of a parent holding their daughters hand as they walk together through a park. The daughter is in a wheelchair.

Become a sponsor

Whether you’re a small startup looking to grow your reach or a well-known brand wanting to make a local impact, our team will work with you to develop a sponsorship experience that meets your needs. Contact us today to discuss our sponsorship packages.

At United Way, we have unique programs aligned to what you care about most.

A social impact movement for the next generation of change-makers who want to create meaningful, local change, while connecting through philanthropy and fun.

A diverse, vibrant community of leaders who leverage their time, talents, and funds to empower women in our communities to build strong, independent lives.

More ways to get involved

There are a variety of ways you can get involved with United Way and play a more active role in making your community a better place.

Volunteer opportunities

Whether you’re interested in gaining employment skills, sharing your area of expertise, or just want to spend more time supporting your community, we can find the perfect way for you to get involved.

Community Secondment Program and Loaned Representative Program

Looking for a temporary change of scenery from your current workplace, while also making a difference in your community? Our new Community Secondment Program features year-long immersive opportunities for employees to support community initiatives that drive impact in East Ontario. We also offer a shorter, 17-week experience through our Loaned Representative Program where you can help us make measurable, lasting change and increase your value as an employee.

Community Builder Awards

Nominations are accepted year-round and are reviewed throughout the year. The spirit of the Community Builder Awards program is reflected in the wording on the personalized plaques that are given to each award recipient: “Thank you for helping to build a stronger, healthier and safer community for all of us.”


Keep checking our events page for ways you can show your support for United Way East Ontario. 

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    help people in crisis.

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    support newcomers.

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  3. I want to...

    celebrate diversity.

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    fuel inclusion.

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    end hate and violence.

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    make sure every kid graduates.

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    end youth homelessness.

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    show my local love.

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    help seniors thrive.

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