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United Way East Ontario Annual Membership

Membership Criteria

Background Information and Context:

Under the new United Way East Ontario membership structure, there is one class of membership. Membership requires a minimum of $25 donation directed to United Way East Ontario prior to March 31. Terms are for one fiscal year, the fiscal year is April 1 to March 31. Interested parties apply for membership and can renew their application each year.


Membership entitles individuals to vote at United Way East Ontario Annual General Meeting or any other special meetings for members that may be called.


Individuals wishing to become members must be in compliance with the Criteria for Membership as outlined below and must review and agree to accept the Vision, Mission and Promise and the terms of the Code of Conduct. The individual also agrees to the responsibility to act in the best interests of the organization.


• Must be over the age of 16
• Paid a donation of at least $25 to United Way East Ontario by March 31, 2024
• Submission of a completed and signed/authorized annual membership application
• Ensuring United Way East Ontario has current and accurate name and contact information at all times

Members must meet all criteria and submit their application by March 31, 2024 and have United Way East Ontario Corporate Secretary approve their application in order to vote at that year’s Annual General Meeting

Term is for one fiscal year. Members may reapply to be members annually.

Meeting schedule and Time Commitment:

All members will be invited to attend the Annual General meeting and other special Member meetings that may be called from time to time.


The terms of reference shall be reviewed annually from the date of approval. They may be altered to meet the current needs of all committee members, by agreement of the majority.

More information

For more information about United Way’s membership, contact our membership department:

Phone: 613-228-6700