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A Year in Review


When you work in the non-profit sector, it can sometimes feel like the challenges our communities face—and the opportunities we have to tackle them—are endless.

Sure, many in our communities live quite well. In fact, there are days when we may feel the people around us are doing just fine. But there is also always a constant drumbeat—a heartbeat—of families who live a different reality. Some face chronic poverty, isolation, homelessness. Many struggle with their mental health. These are our neighbours, our co-workers, our families. At some point in our lives, it’s us.

The thread that connects these challenges is that they are chronic: they do not sneak up, surprise, and inspire immediate, grand action to help. Instead, they require a much deeper, long-term investment.

To tackle the greatest challenges our communities face, we must first untangle the problem and truly understand what’s before us. We then draw the right people to the table to address it, advocate for change, and fundraise for support. Together we then invest our available resources in smart, strategic ways, to ultimately—move the needle.

This is the power of United Way.

A photo of Michael Allen

By Michael Allen
President & CEO, United Way Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark and Renfrew Counties

But this work is not easy. We continue to see challenges across the charitable sector: a cross-section of influences that include economic factors, increased competition, a decline in donors, and the mandate to keep pace with—and harness—technology’s powerful advancements.

So, every day we do our best to be innovative, nimble and responsive to the needs in our communities and interests of our donors.

Our 2018-2019 Year in Review annual report is a testament to not only your incredible generosity, the strength of our partnerships and collaborations, the talent and dedication of our team, but also our collective impact.

At United Way we invest where resources are needed most and where they will have the greatest impact, and it is my hope that you will see that promise come alive in the pages of this report.

From making sure every student graduates, ensuring no senior is vulnerable, to ending youth homelessness and beyond: we know we have bold goals—challenges we simply couldn’t tackle without you.

So in the year to come, as we continue to rally your support, I have a request: I’d like you to continue to have high expectations of us, and of all charities.

It is our accountability, our transparency, our 100% local focus and our ability to measure the results of our efforts that sets United Way apart. Most importantly, these are the qualities that position us to truly make a difference for people—to change their lives.

We are proud of the work that we’ve done, and we are committed to working together to forge ahead.

Thank you, for being a part of it.




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