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Ottawa United for Refugees
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Ottawa United for Refugees

In September 2015, Ottawa was struck by the Syrian refugee crisis. This community will never forget the heart-wrenching photo of Alan Kurdi, just three-years-old, washed up on a beach in Turkey. When he drowned alongside his brother, mother and 10 other Syrian migrants, the world took note – and so did you.

At United Way, we knew we had to bring refugees of the Syrian crisis to Ottawa and help them build a better life.

​We enabled newcomers to find housing, put food on their tables, learn English, receive mental health and other supports, and connect to job opportunities. We provided refugees not only with a home, but with a new beginning.

Together we made a difference.

We launched United for Refugees in collaboration with the Community Foundation of Ottawa, the City of Ottawa, and Refugee 613. By the end of 2018, with the incredible generosity of the community, we had raised more than $950,000 – money invested where it was needed most, and would have the greatest impact.

To all the incredible people and organizations who
stepped forward: thank you.

As we all know, the important work of supporting all newcomers must continue. Our success will be made possible by a continued commitment from you to join us as we take up this challenge.