United for All coalition condemns rise in antisemitism


United for All partners are deeply disturbed by the rise in casual and overt antisemitism in local schools, online, and in our communities.

We stand in solidarity with the Jewish community, and we recognize the deep-seated harm that is caused when antisemitism goes unchecked, dismissed, and underestimated as a form of discrimination. We condemn this hateful rhetoric in the strongest terms.

As public personalities continue to share and promote Nazi beliefs; as extremist groups sow targeted hatred and violence against Jews; as local Jews face antisemitic slurs and online attacks; and as young people intimidate their peers with swastikas; the result is increased fear and division, with Jews suffering most.

Antisemitism is a scourge on our whole community’s health and wellbeing. Hate tears us apart along racial, ethnic, gender, and religious lines when we should be united in lifting each other up.

Members of the Jewish community deserve to feel safe, respected, and included. A society where the wellbeing of any one group is compromised is not a free and just society for everyone.  

Antisemitism—be it overt hatred toward Jews, or stereotypical misconceptions about Jews as a collective—is insidious and has been made more mainstream in recent months. Our coalition continues to work with the Jewish community, with law enforcement, with support services, and with youth-serving organizations to prevent and address hate in all its forms.

People who peddle hate and violence do not define our vibrant communities. We stand with those who continue to be affected by this rise in antisemitism.

Andrea Freedman
President and CEO
Jewish Federation of Ottawa and Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation

The Jewish Federation of Ottawa tracks incidents of hate, online as well as in real life, to measure and combat antisemitism. If you have experienced antisemitism, learn more about reporting and tracking the incident here. 

About United for All

United for All is a coalition of 44 organizations representing 150+ partners who are all committed to overcoming hate-based violence, racism, and extremism in East Ontario.

Since 2016, this growing partnership has brought together social service agencies, faith-based organizations, policymakers, human rights groups, health providers, school boards and post-secondary institutions, grassroots social justice groups, criminal justice professionals, cultural groups and more – all with the common mission to build safe, compassionate, resilient communities for everyone.




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