These two groups were key to Ottawa’s tornado relief efforts


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On September 22, when Tyler Gill opened his basement door and looked upstairs, he saw the sky where his roof had been just 20 seconds before. As a Dunrobin resident affected by the September 2018 tornadoes, Tyler was one of the many people who lost their homes.

“It felt like a train came over top of us,” Tyler said. “There was lots of banging, lots of smashing [and] glass breaking. It was a very surreal moment in our lives.”

It’s what you’d imagine a warzone would look like, added Dunrobin resident Liane Hoekstra.  She recalled how it was hard to breath because of the shock she said she felt from seeing her house was no longer intact.

A photo of the Trend-Arlington Community Association and West Carleton Disaster Relief with their award at the CBYA Gala.

The Trend-Arlington Community Association and West Carleton Disaster Relief were two major players in the relief efforts of the September 2018 tornadoes in Ottawa. As a result, the two groups received United Way Ottawa’s signature Community Builder of the Year award.



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