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Ottawa’s Muslim organizations are breaking down barriers and strengthening communities


The Community Builders column on Apartment 613 shares the stories of every Community Builder recognized by United Way Ottawa.

In this column, you’ll see the stories of every day Ottawans who take the time to extend a helping hand, break down stereotypes and barriers, and those who push for a better city by showing us the true meaning of compassion for others. 

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Strong communities are based in harmony, peace and prosperity, and that is exactly what the United Muslim Organizations of Ottawa-Gatineau (UMO-OG) strives to achieve for Ottawa and Gatineau.

“With harmony, we are safe, we are stronger [and] we care for one another,” UMO-OG’s Jalil Marhnouj said. “This can only be done when we break the barriers–when we build bridges.”

UMO-OG is a dedicated group of 12 Islamic organizations that collaborate around education, social services, charitable work and other areas of importance to the community. The group includes the nine largest mosques in the National Capital Region.

A photo of The United Muslim Organizations of Ottawa-Gatineau accepting their award at the CBYA Gala.

UMO-OG’s priority, according to Jalil, is to make Ottawa and Gatineau great places for everyone to thrive. They do so, Jalil explained, by contributing to charitable fundraising efforts, community outreach, volunteerism and more.




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