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How donating to charity helps you save at tax time


We asked our friend Desirae Odjick, personal finance blogger at Half Banked, to write a post about the benefits of charitable giving.

How to Do Good and Save Money This Holiday Season

There are a lot of benefits of budgeting, and tracking your spending—I mean, obviously, which is why I won’t shut up about them.

But one of the biggest, that I don’t talk about as often as I probably should, is that when you know how much you spend, you also know how much you have left over every month. And when you have money left over, you can do fun things like give it to charities you care about.

True confession: this year is the first year I feel like I’ve Gotten It Together with my charitable giving. I knew how much I wanted to give, and I made a point of setting up an automatic monthly contribution to one of my favourite causes (and next year, I’m adding another one to the list).

What let me do all this was tracking my spending.

What prompted me to do it? (You’re about to think I’m more of a nerd than you already do, trust me.)

Desirae Odjick
Personal Finance Blogger,

Desirae Odjick is a personal finance blogger and freelance writer. Visit her website at to learn about money “without all the stress and jargon and snooze-inducing lingo.”




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