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Women United Community Action Grant

Guidelines and FAQ

What Are Women United Community Action Grants?

Women United Community Action Grants give community groups and residents’ associations an opportunity to have direct input and influence into the improvement of their communities. It is a collaborative approach to supporting community groups and residents associations to develop their local initiatives to build healthy and strong communities. 

Who can apply for a Women United Community Action Grant?

Applicants must live in Eastern Ontario (Lanark, Ottawa, Prescott-Russell, and Renfrew) and be a registered charity. Potential applicants who are not a registered charity who would like to apply require a sponsoring agency. We recommend Ottawa based community groups to reach out to their respective Community Health/Resource Centres, or Community Houses to sponsor projects. Groups in Lanark, Prescott-Russell and Renfrew counties can reach out to a registered charity in their area for sponsorship.  

Registered charities (applicant or sponsor) must: 

  • Be a registered charity (with its own RR number) 
  • Maintain a volunteer board that meets regularly 
  • Host an Annual General Meeting  
  • Have financial statements that have been audited by a licensed public accountant* 
  • Carry sufficient liability insurance to cover the program/project seeking funding 

Charities with revenues of less than $250,000 may submit reviewed financial statements. These statements must be signed off by both the Board/Council Chair or Treasurer and the organization’s Executive Director (or equivalent). 

If any of the above criteria are not met, applicants must enter into a formal partner sponsorship agreement with a registered charity (with its own RR Number) that meets all of the above criteria. 

How to apply?

Applications must apply online in the Agency Portal which can be found at The application is to be completed by the resident association or community group in consultation with staff from a sponsoring organization. If you are unable to use an online tool, contact your sponsoring agency.  

Review the Survey Monkey Apply Guidebook

Applications must be received by April 8, 2024

What Activities/Initiatives Are Eligible For Funding?
  • Community-led initiatives that encourage women in the community to be the driving force for engagement, change and/or leadership.  
  • Community engagement activities and events that promote social inclusion and interaction of residents. Examples: Multicultural, social or educational activities and events 
  • Projects that engage residents in building strong communities. Examples: Community assessment and local planning within social distancing guidelines. 
  • Local initiatives that improve communities/neighbourhoods. Examples: community clean-up days, community gardening, mural, art and beautification projects. 
  • Virtual activities or projects 
What activities/initiatives are NOT eligible for funding?
  • Election campaign events 
  • Fundraising activities ie Bingo  
  • Office administration costs (staffing; office rental; utilities etc.) 
  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Existing or ongoing programs/services 
  • Capital equipment or expenses related to construction, or the development of facilities. 
  • Wage subsidies for program participants. 
Applicants ineligible for funding:
  • For-profit organizations or for- profit ventures, with the exception of social enterprise or non-profit community economic development activities. 
  • Hospitals or medical treatment programs 
  • Educational institutions and organizations, including school boards, schools, and parent-teacher associations. 
  • Faith-based organizations that require an adherence to or promotion of a religious faith as a condition of receiving supports or services 
  • Political parties. 
  • Fundraising events or organizations, service clubs and foundations that act primarily to raise funds for distribution to other organizations, with the exception of foundations that are raising funds for directly related organization. 
  • Organizations whose policies or practices contravene the Ontario Human Rights Code 
How decision made:

Women United members collectively decide to invest in Women United Community Action Grants (WUCAG) to fund projects and initiatives in vulnerable communities within East Ontario (Lanark, Ottawa, Prescott-Russell, and Renfrew). Women United recognizes the power of women to drive change in our communities. As such, applications ought to focus on initiatives, projects or programs that specifically seek to support, empower or engage women and young women residing in vulnerable communities in East Ontario 

Tips for success:
  • DO consult with Community Action Grant staff at UWEO about your project ideas and application 
  • DO consult with the sponsoring organization prior to developing your application 
  • DO demonstrate neighborhood involvement from shaping of the project idea to implementation 
  • DO be extremely clear with your budget numbers. Describe services, items and quantities specifically. include budget for: Childcare, food, and public transportation (if needed) 
  • DO demonstrate collaboration and partnership and resident’s involvement