PCL Hard Hat Heroes Grant Program

Call for Proposals and Investment Opportunities

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For more information, contact agencyinfo@unitedwayeo.ca.

PCL Hard Hat Heroes Neighbourhood Improvement Grant Program is offered in partnership with PCL Constructors Canada Inc. The grant is intended to give residents an opportunity to have direct input and influence into the improvement of Ottawa’s priority Neighbourhoods.

The funds provide for non-traditional (community-based midsized minimum of $10,000 investment, no more than $35,000.00 capital projects with direct community benefit: the type that would not be covered by traditional programs funded by United Way.  Improvement projects can include physical improvement projects to buildings, public spaces, and facilities, public art for a future capital improvement through the Neighbourhood Improvement Grant.

The first step in the application process is completing and submitting the application from your Neighbourhood organization (a Community Health or Resource Centre, Ottawa Community Housing or a Community House). Neighbourhood organizations must submit their applications through the Community Health Centre/Community Health and Resource Centre in their catchment area.

Neighbourhood’s representatives are encouraged to get in touch with the community development staff at United Way prior to the application to ensure that they are working on a project that is eligible.  UWO staff will make an appointment with the Neighbourhood representative to provide support in completing the application for funds.

Who can apply for a Neighbourhood Improvement Grant?

Applications are accepted from Neighbourhood -based organizations in priority neighborhoods.  A Neighbourhood -based organization is one:

  • With a majority of its members residing or doing business in a commonly recognized Neighbourhood; and/or
  • Whose purpose, at least in part, is to improve the quality of life in that area.The application must show the support of your residents, this may include representatives from local service providers, schools, businesses, and other institutions operating in/supporting that Neighbourhood, as well as residents. Project/s selected to be undertaken will be required to provide reporting (financial, narrative and photographic), milestones updates, and an opening event.

The call for proposals is now open.
Applications must be received by June 10, 2022.