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On December 5, 2022, United Way East Ontario’s Corporate Oversight Committee approved a one-year extension, from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024, for programs currently funded through last year’s Community Fund. The next Community Fund open call for proposals will be held in 2024.

Non-profit organizations were invited to attend one of United Way East Ontario’s Investment Framework and Call for Proposals information sessions. You can find the presentation from the sessions here.

Call for Proposals 2022 – Community Fund

The 2022 Call for Proposals process is launching January 18th 2022 and closing February 25th 2022. The process is open to all local community service agencies who demonstrate results and who are aligned to our priority goals.

This year United Way East Ontario (Ottawa) will accept applications for one to three years in all ten of our priority goals:

Focus AreaPriority GoalPriority Goal Review DateOpen for applications
All That Kids Can Be
 Healthy and Resilient Children Ready to Learn2015January 2022
 Engaged and Active Children and Youth2015January 2022
 Decrease youth homelessness in Ottawa*2014January 2022
From Poverty to Possibility
 Improve Employment and Labour Market Outcomes for Newcomers2016January 2022
 Improve Employment and Labour Market Outcomes for People with Disabilities2016January 2022
Healthy People, Strong Communities
 People experiencing mental health and / or addictions challenges have access to coordinated community-based supports2014January 2022
 Ensure people in crisis have access to coordinated and immediate supports2014January 2022
 Improve the well-being of seniors by reducing the factors that lead to isolation and vulnerability while respecting their independence2017January 2022
 To build healthy and vibrant communities by increasing equity social cohesion, and inclusion2017January 2022
 Strengthening organizations so they have a greater capacity to meet community needs and change more lives2013-14January 2022

*United Way East Ontario is currently consulting with its partners who are working in the youth homelessness sector in order to ensure that our priority goal description is up-to-date, and reflective of the work that we are doing together on this issue.

While we do not expect this consultation to significantly change the work we are supporting in Youth Homelessness, United Way will advise the community of any substantive changes that might be made, and provide opportunities to revise proposals and/or funding agreements that might be affected. 

2022 Call for Proposals Process

Key dates and details on the application process are below and in the 2022 United Way East Ontario Ottawa CFP Guidebook. The Guidebook also provides information on our assessment criteria, a glossary, FAQs and detailed instructions on all aspects of the proposal writing and submission process.

Important Dates and Deadlines
Agency Information Sessions
November 23-24, 2021
CFP Launch and Deadline
January 18, 2022 – February 25, 2022
Checklist and Sponsorship Deadline
February 18, 2022
Assessment Review
February 26 – April 1, 2022
Corporate Oversight Committee – Presentation of Recommendations for approval
Notification to Agencies
By May 2, 2022

Please note that agencies can apply for the same program in different locations. Following submission, these applications will be linked. For further information, please refer to the Call For Proposals 2022 Guidebook.

Community Action Grants

Neighbourhoods and rural communities in Ottawa can apply for small grants for local projects to build stronger, connected neighbourhoods. Find out more.