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United Way and Ruckify partner to bring tech to social service workers


COVID-19 has shifted the realities of all aspects of our lives. From work, school, to our relationships with family and friends, our communities are learning to adapt. This is especially true for the hundreds of community-driven programs and services across our region that so many of our neighbours depend on.

With physical distancing in place, front-line social service workers like mental health professionals, counsellors, social workers and more are struggling to reach their clients. 

For example, our partner, the Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region, has had to adapt to working remotely to answer hundreds of calls from residents experiencing mental health challenges as a result of COVID-19. Without proper equipment in their homes, those trained volunteers can’t support residents in this time of need. 

This also makes things especially hard for the people struggling with their mental health—particularly during this time of self-isolation—who have come to depend on support from professionals, be it through one-on-one or group counselling sessions.

Some of the most vulnerable people in our communities need help right now.

United Way East Ontario is in a unique position to be able to do so.

Our daily, open line of communication with community partnersparticularly during this global crisisgives us access to timely, on-the-ground information about challenges and opportunities across our region. Our role gives us the responsibility to bring the right people together to address needs and ensure we’re tapping into all of the resources available to us. We take that responsibility seriously.

By bringing social service organizations and corporate partners together, we're able to solve our communities’ most pressing problems in innovative ways. Now, more than ever.

In partnership with United Way East Ontario, Ruckifythe world’s largest online, peer-to-peer rental marketplacecan uniquely help through its rental platform, which offers the opportunity for individuals and companies to rent out items to their local communities.

But you are a key part of this equation! We’re looking for donations or rentals of the following items: 

    • iPads and tablets
    • Smart phones
    • Laptops and computers
    • Webcams

With your help, Ruckify will deliver these much-needed items to local social service providers who may not have the right technology in place to go fully virtual for their appointments, outreach and programming. This means that clients can continue to access the help they need, when they need it most.

Individuals and businesses can join in showing their local love.

If you are or know of a business willing to donate or rent out laptops, computers and other electronic devices that are currently sitting unused, you are welcome to participate! Anyone interested can fill out the online form on Ruckify’s Community Relief page.

Ruckify will provide pickup and delivery of equipment to their renters, making sure that each item is sanitized when picking up and dropping off. Equipment will be insured under its coverage for damages or if anything goes missing.  

"This partnership with United Way East Ontario is exciting in a difficult time. Ruckify and United Way make a great partnership because we both share the vision of creating common good in the communities where we work. We know that together, we have the potential to make a difference for people and organizations who are disconnected as a result of COVID-19 and physical distancing."

United Way is proud to partner with local companies who step up in times of urgent need. Together, we’re providing tangible solutions that will help our communities’ most vulnerable people who depend on us 365 days a year to live happy, healthy lives.




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