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We’re grateful for TekSavvy’s support of GenNext and the work we do to help change lives in our community. Companies across our city play a major role in shaping our community, with some making it a part of their mission to make impactful contributions.

At our last Mix & Mingle, we sat down with TekSavvy’s Strategic Partnerships & Sponsorships Manager Spencer Antaya to learn more about the company’s commitment to community and making local change through GenNext.

Why did TekSavvy make United Way Ottawa’s GenNext program its charity of choice?

Seeing the reach of what the United Way Ottawa’s GenNext program has within the Ottawa community is a large reason TekSavvy decided to become a partner. Supporting the GenNext initiative gives TekSavvy an opportunity to make an impact in multiple areas of the community through the Giving Circles, which touch on issues we feel are important to help build and support inclusive communities.

Why is shaping community and having local impact important for you and TekSavvy as a company?

Having a strong connection within our communities is one of the core beliefs of TekSavvy. Down from the very top, support for where we operate is a key component of what keeps TekSavvy grounded. Whether that be support through amazing initiatives such as GenNext, or through fundraising for emergencies such as the recent floods, TekSavvy is always up for the task.

TekSavvy sponsors GenNext’s five Mix & Mingles throughout the year that bring together young professionals for networking and learning about how to drive social change. What attracted you to support GenNext Mix & Mingles?

We feel that the GenNext Mix & Mingles are a great method for raising awareness on issues that are affecting the Ottawa community, and provide a platform for like-minded individuals to come together to work towards solutions. At our heart, TekSavvy is a company focused on connecting Canadians through our Internet services, but we also strive to connect people through events such as these.



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