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The Community Builders column on Apartment 613 shares the stories of every Community Builder recognized by United Way Ottawa.

In this column, you’ll see the stories of every day Ottawans who take the time to extend a helping hand, break down stereotypes and barriers, and those who push for a better city by showing us the true meaning of compassion for others. 

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After working long shifts to quickly restore power after the September 2018 tornadoes, many Hydro Ottawa employees would end their days by going home to their own damaged homes.

“To find people that had massive damage on their homes [with] no power, coming in to do work, and then going home to do work in their communities—that’s the type of people that we have responding to these situations,” says Julie Lupinacci, chief customer officer at Hydro Ottawa. “[But] they would tell you it’s all in a day’s job.”

Bryce Conrad from Hydro Ottawa on stage giving at speech at the Community Builder Awards Gala.

Responding quickly and compassionately to the 2018 tornadoes is just one way Hydro Ottawa has demonstrated its commitment to the residents of Ottawa. The company is also engaged in making a difference across the city, 365 days a year.



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