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Ollie and Lindsay: a perfect match


Mentors have a big job.

They act as positive role models, instill trust and confidence in their peers, and encourage healthy relationships and choices to inspire success.

For mentors at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa, the job also means making a difference while having fun.

Lindsay and Ollie are a Big and Little match who were paired together by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa, a United Way partner.

In a short period of time, Ollie’s mom went from an involved stay at home mom to a single working mother of two living in a new city. With that change, she wanted to make sure Ollie had a mentor to provide them with guidance and support.

Ollie and Lindsay’s friendship means that Ollie gets to broaden their horizons by trying new things around Ottawa, and that Lindsay has a young person in her life to keep her feeling energized.

For Ollie, Lindsay is someone they can turn to when things are difficult, or when they’re looking for advice.

“I think it’s really good to have a match because it’s someone you can connect with, who isn’t necessary just a school friend or someone else in your family.” – Ollie

With the support of United Way Ottawa, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa connects children and youth with strong role models who empower them to reach their full potential.

Ollie is one of the 65,767 youth who have accessed United Way Ottawa-funded critical hours programs since 2011. United Way knows that participation in these programs increases self-confidence and positive behaviour in young people, which strengthens their academic and social development over the long term.

A photo of Ollie and Lindsay making food in a kitchen.



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