Effie keeps her mind and body active


After retirement and the passing of her husband, Effie moved away from the city she had known for most of her life to be closer to her son in Ottawa.

The Good Companions Seniors’ Centre, a United Way partner, keeps Effie mentally and physically active, and makes sure she stays connected to other seniors in the community.

While many seniors in Ottawa live well independently or have family to rely on, others are not so lucky. In fact, more than 30 per cent of seniors in some local neighbourhoods live in low income situations and more than 25 per cent live alone, making them more vulnerable to social isolation.

That’s why social programs for seniors are so integral to a healthy Ottawa.

"I think it’s important for older people that we do something with our minds and our bodies."

United Way Ottawa works closely with local partners to ensure no senior in our city is isolated, and to provide supports so they can stay active and engaged in our community.

Programs like the Adult Day Program at The Good Companions provide services for seniors who require assistance with day-to-day activities, while also combatting loneliness with social activities.

The benefits of programs like this are threefold: they enhance seniors’ wellbeing by providing a supportive group environment, mental stimulation and physical activities; they keep seniors independent for longer; and they provide a respite for caregivers.

By donating to United Way, you help us invest in programs for seniors like Effie that reduce isolation and improve their overall physical and mental health.



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