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A place for kids to be kids


Making sure kids have the support they need is something Saeed is passionate about – not just because he is a youth worker, but because of his personal experience:

“My family and I, we really needed this kind of programming, and I really see that in a lot of the families and the kids that attend the program.”

Club 310 is an after-school program at the Lowertown Community Resource Centre, a United Way partner that provides a safe and enriching environment for kids aged six to 12. Children can go to Club 310 after school to simply be kids by playing games together, doing their homework, and having a healthy snack.

Roda has three children who attend Club 310: “I think it’s really great for them to come here and socialize with other kids.”

We know that kids in some Ottawa neighbourhoods are more likely to drop out of high school – sometimes at rates of over 40 per cent. Through the generosity of our donors, United Way and community partners ensure children are on the road to graduation long before their first day of grade nine.

Programs like Club 310 are essential to supporting kids during the “critical hours” — the time kids spend between the end of the school day and when they go to sleep at night are as crucial to child development as time spent in the classroom.

After-school programs like Club 310 provide essential support to kids who can then go on to do amazing things. For Roda, it also provides peace of mind.

“I know they have a safe place to go to after school so I don’t have to rush from leaving work early.”

We support programs like Club 310 so that kids from underserved neighbourhoods and marginalized communities can achieve their full potential.

Since 2011, United Way…

  • gave 65,767 kids a safe place — like Club 310 — to go after school, where they can learn, play and grow.
  • provided enhanced homework clubs with one-on-one tutoring, recreational activities, and nutritious snacks. 70% of kids who participated improved their grades

With your support, we can do even more.




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