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5 loaned representatives tell us about their time at United Way


Over this past year, federal employees stepped up to support the most vulnerable people through a time of immense crisis. We know it was not easy. You were forced to adapt to a rapidly changing world, and you persevered. You heard that your community urgently needed your support, and you answered the call. We thank you for that!

At United Way, many of our colleagues who join us through our Loaned Representative program come from the federal public service. During National Public Service Week (June 14-20), we highlighted five of our loaned rep colleagues who chose to take this unique opportunity for a temporary change of scenery from their current workplaces, in order to help make a difference in our communities. Let them tell you about their journeys! 

Dominique Roy

Dominique Roy joined us from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and has worked on our Marketing and Communications and Government of Canada Charitable Workplace Campaign (GCWCC) teams.

“I have worked with talented, creative, warm and welcoming people. I discovered the world of a charity very involved in the community. I have seen and heard great stories of success and hope.

I am currently portfolio manager for the GCWCC. This is an opportunity for me to meet and work with federal employees from all walks of life who are driven by a desire to make a difference. It’s such a rewarding job. 😊

I enjoyed my experience so much that my time with United Way, which was supposed to be one year, was actually three years! Thank you to my general management who allowed me to live this beautiful and enriching experience.”

Shery Alexander Heinis

Shery Alexander Heinis joins our United Way from the Small Business branch of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED)

“United Way East Ontario arrived in my life at the very moment I was looking to explore new opportunities. The very week two people suggested I reach out to United Way too seek potential openings, was the same week the email from calling out for new loaned representatives landed in my inbox. Perhaps we were searching for each other! 

I work on building relations with institutional and family foundations within the donor relations team. Apart from my day-to-day work with the team, I support and work with other initiatives at United Was, such as the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Champions’ Table, and United for All. I am also quite interested in the Employment Accessibility Resource Network (EARN). As someone with a diverse and multi-sectoral background, this is what I find most exciting and gratifying here at United Way East Ontario: the possibility of exploring various interests and building connections across the organization and beyond. 

There have been many fun-filled events during my time here. One of my favourites was the celebration of the Lunar New Year where I was selected as a judge for the “famous” rose competition. I was astounded at the blossoms of creativity within the organization! It was just such a wonderful opportunity for connecting, laughing, and enjoying a delicious meal! ”

Jane Langille

Jane Langille joins United Way East Ontario from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and is currently a community campaign portfolio manager in our resource development department., and is currently a community campaign portfolio manager in our resource development department.

“I love working with everyone at United Way. They are totally committed to their jobs and all with the same goal in mind: to help those in need.  

One anecdote from my time here was when a number of us volunteered to help out a fun workplace event, and I was assigned to the face painting station. After a trial-run (I tried doing a butterfly ) it was suggested that I might be better doing something else, especially after a 12-year-old absolutely showed me up with her skills. We had a laugh about it, no hurt feelings!”

Antoine Moise

Antoine Moise joins us from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). As a loaned representative, Antoine manages a portfolio of 20 government departments and organizations that support United Way’s work.
“I have been able to support and collaborate with campaign teams in ministries and organizations, who have developed and implemented innovative and engaging practices in their fundraising. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the generosity of employees in the national capital region. The funds raised have made it possible to continue to support our communities, helping to make the Ottawa region a great place to live.
I also had the opportunity to work on a special project with the Community Investment team, where I was able to help identify the challenges and needs to break the isolation of Francophone seniors, and support the integration of young Francophone newcomers. United Way East Ontario is open and encourages diversity of experiences and added value.”

Julie Cranton

Julie Cranton joins United Way as a loaned representative from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. In her role as a business development manager with the Employment Accessibility Resource Network, Julie makes connections between EARN and the federal public service.
“What I really like about this role is that I can apply my skills, connections and knowledge in working as a public servant for the past 24 years, and at the same time expand my knowledge on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
“I see the benefits of this role as twofold: helping to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities which in turn will make the public service a better place.”
It definitely has been a very different experience joining a new team during COVID but my team members have been amazing at making me feel welcome!”
If you’d also like to make a mark in your community, see what opportunities may be available today!



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