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UPDATE as of May 22: The Move for Youth 2023 challenge is now over. Thank you for all your support! Together, we moved more than 62 million steps, doubling our initial goal. 

Move for Youth

Every step counts

By participating in Move for Youth, you’ll create opportunities for local kids—putting them on the path to success in school, and in life. Help us reach our goal of 30 million steps from May 1–21! 


Our Goal

Our Impact

App Instructions

Challenges & Prizes



Move for Youth is back and this year,
we’re kicking it up a notch.

3 fun-filled weeks

30 million


by our amazing sponsors to support local kids. 
Join National Bank, United Way East Ontario, and Centraide Outaouais from May 121, 2023, and get moving while raising awareness and support for the most vulnerable kids in our communities. 

Every step you take brings us closer to our goal and supports United Way’s year-round work to ensure kids have safe spaces to play, learn, and grow. From homework clubs to mental health services, you can help children in your community get what they need to succeed. 

All you have to do is sign up, get active, and track your steps with the MoveSpring app. You can even bike, dance, or play sports—however you want to move! The app will convert your activity to steps and keep tabs on your progress. There’s no cost to register! Plus, if you or your team climb to the top of the leaderboard, you can win great prizes.  

Our Goal

When we reach our goal of 30 million steps, our generous sponsors will donate $30,000.

Last year, you blew us away by reaching 10 million steps in just five days. We know that together, we can rise to this year’s challenge and reach a collective 10 million steps EVERY WEEK. 

We’d love to see your photos or videos on social media, please tag United Way East Ontario and Centraide Outaouais, and use #MoveForYouth #OnBougePourLesJeunes for a chance to be featured in our promotions. You can also share photos in the MoveSpring app. 

Thank you to our generous sponsors

Our Impact

Why we move

Early in the pandemic, National Bank recognized that vulnerable kids were struggling. Their team approached United Way East Ontario and Centraide Outaouais about how they could partner with us to make a difference. Move for Youth was created as a way for the community to come together and show up for kids when they needed us most.   

Now, in our third year, Move for Youth has the same mission to help every kid reach their full potential.  
Although COVID-19 doesn’t affect our lives in the same way as it once did, local kids are still dealing with the fallout from the isolation and anxiety of the last few years. Reports show kids are experiencing greater mental health challenges than ever before.  
On top of that, many kids are having a hard time keeping up in school. Youth from low-income or rural communities don’t have the same access to after-school activities or summer programs that help them stay on track beyond the classroom. As the cost of living rises, so does the pressure on caregivers to provide for their children.  

Christie Lake Kids, a United Way partner, runs after-school programs in six low-income communities. All of these programs are free, so caregivers can feel confident their kids are getting the support they need, without facing financial barriers. And kids like Esther can focus on what matters: learning and having fun. 

To me, Christie Lake Kids was always a home, always a safe place where I got to be a kid and be myself and not have to worry about the stresses or whatever is happening at home. I got to just be a kid.

App Instructions

Keep track of your activity with MoveSpring

New Participants

We’re hosting the Move for Youth 3-week challenge through an easy-to-use app called MoveSpring. It’ll help you track your progress, share updates, and connect with your team and other participants. All you have to do to get started is: 

  1. Download the MoveSpring app from the Apple or Google Play store.  
  2. Enter the organization’s code to join: uw-centraide 
  3. Confirm “United Way East Ontario and Centraide Outaouais” as the organization. 
  4. Fill in your details to create an account or log into your account from last year. 
  5. Join the Move / On bouge 2023 challenge.  
  6. Finally, if you’re participating with a team, search for your team name and add yourself to the roster. 

Can’t download the app? No problem! You can create your account online here. 

Past Participants

Already have the MoveSpring app? Simply join the Move / On bouge 2023 challenge. 

Challenges & Prizes

Are you up to the challenge?

Get moving with family, friends, and co-workers all while supporting kids in your community. Join hundreds of participants working towards our shared goal of 30 million steps over the 3-week challenge. In addition to the great feeling of giving back and getting active, you’ll also have the chance to win prizes!*  

Thanks to our sponsors for supporting Move for Youth and providing prizes to participants who push themselves to get to the top of the leaderboard. 

* Contest and Prizing Rules


Get the word out

We’ve put together this toolkit to help you get the word out about Move for Youth. Invite your friends and family to join and ask them to support this cause by using our templated emails and social media posts.


Step 1: Grab your mobile device and download the MoveSpring app from the App Store or Google Play. 

Step 2: Select “Sign up” and enter the code ‘uw-centraide’ to create your account. 

Step 3: Connect your fitness tracking device to the app, so it can track your steps. 

Step 4: Turn notifications on, so you will receive updates. 

Step 5: Join the “Move / On bouge 2023” challenge within MoveSpring.  

Don’t have a smartphone? No problem! You can also register here and connect your fitness tracking device or select manual entry. 

To sync your steps data into your MoveSpring account you will need to open the MoveSpring app on your phone or go to the MoveSpring website and click the green “Sync” button at the top right. MoveSpring cannot sync your steps data if you do not open the MoveSpring app or website.  

MoveSpring recommends syncing several times a day to keep your data up to date in your challenges. All MoveSpring challenges have a 72-hour grace period after the challenge ends to give you extra time to sync your final steps.  

If you are missing steps for multiple days in your challenge, please reach out to your challenge admin(s) for assistance. They can adjust any step totals, up to 30 days past, at their discretion. 

If you do not see your activity update after several sync attempts, please reach out to MoveSpring support for assistance.  

If you prefer to cycle, roll, dance, or play soccer—just an idea!—you can still convert your activity to steps to move us all towards our goal. 

Here’s how: 

  1. Convert your bike ride (or however you moved) into steps. 
  2. Enter your distance and steps in the MoveSpring app (or website if you’re not using a smartphone) to make sure your activity is counted.
  1. After joining the challenge, open your dashboard and scroll to the “Challenges” section. 
  2. Locate the challenge as shown below and tap the “Join or create a team” notification:

    Move for Youth

  3. Locate the team you’d like to join (you can search by team name at the top) and tap the team name to view the team and its current participants. To join this team, just tap the blue “Join Team” button on the team page: 

    Move for Youth

  4. You’ll see a confirmation that you successfully joined your team. When viewing your challenge, you’ll now see your team listed:

    Move for Youth
  1. After joining the challenge, open your dashboard and scroll to the “Challenges” section. 
  2. Locate the challenge and tap the “Join or create a team” notification. From there, tap the blue “Create” button in the upper right-hand corner, or the blue “Create a team” button if no teams have been created yet. This will take you to team creation.

    Move for Youth
  3. Choose a team name, upload a photo for your team and for your cover, and select the blue “Create team” button:


    Move for Youth

    Move for Youth

  4. All participants will now be able to see your new team in the list of all available teams. Your team assignment will also be displayed in your challenge card under the “Challenges” section in your dashboard:

    Move for Youth

To invite fellow participants to join the team you’ve created, they’ll just need to follow this guide to join the team. They should be able to search by team name. 

Please note:
You cannot add participants to your team, you will have to invite them to join 

Absolutely! Part of the fun is connecting with others to get active for a good cause 

By participating in Move for Youth, you’re supporting United Way’s year-round work to create opportunities for local youth, making sure they have safe spaces to play, learn, and grow. From homework clubs to mental health services, you can help children in your community get what they need to succeed in school, and in life. 

No. Raising funds is not mandatory to participate in the event. 

Everyone who donates $10 or more will receive a tax receipt. 

More Information

Your dedication to local youth moves us!

Know that we are so grateful to you for stepping up to this challenge. Whether you’re walking your dog around the neighbourhood or dancing to Bust a Move in your living room, anything that gets you moving counts towards our goal. We can’t do it without you. 

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