About United Way East Ontario’s 2022 Giving Tuesday Matching Gift Opportunity

Donations made in response to United Way East Ontario’s Giving Tuesday matching gift campaign through the mail, the website, or telephone calls, during the time period of 12:00am EST on November 15, 2022 to 11:59pm EST on November 29, 2022, are eligible to be matched. This includes special offers online and through programs like Women United and GenNext.

This match is made possible through a gift commitment received by United Way East Ontario from Scotiabank. During this Giving Tuesday campaign the total in matching funds available is $150,000. United Way East Ontario assumes sole responsibility for implementing the match. United Way East Ontario reserves the right to exclude any donations from this matching gift process at any time, for any reason. Scotiabank, or any other partners that may join this matching gift offer, assume no obligation to match any gift from any United Way East Ontario supporter. 

Donation matches are implemented by United Way East Ontario staff, based on funds donated. United Way East Ontario will take funds provided by Scotiabank and match them with the corresponding funds individual donors provide. The combined amount will support the work undertaken by United Way East Ontario through our community fund or affinity program initiatives. 

Designated organizations to other Canadian charities are not eligible to be matched. Donors will only receive a tax receipt for the amount they contribute. 

United Way East Ontario will match donations received from individuals with the appropriate amounts from funds provided by the match partner on January 14, 2022. To be eligible, donations must be received through the channels listed above by 11:59pm EST on November 29, 2022.

If the total dollars contributed to this matching gift campaign during 2022 falls short of the campaign target, the remainder of the match from Scotiabank will be then applied to matching donations for the Holiday Campaign from November 30, 2022 to December 31, 2022.  

United Way East Ontario will match as many of the available gifts as possible for the duration of the Giving Tuesday and Holiday Campaign and reserve the remainder of the funding for matching gift campaigns in subsequent years, or apply them to other charitable programs or goals. During such campaigns, United Way East Ontario will post new terms under which the match will be implemented. If the total dollars raised from matching gift campaigns during 2022 exceeds the total available, United Way East Ontario will choose gifts to be matched through a random process on January 14, 2023, until the total available match amount is exhausted. This process will be implemented at United Way East Ontario headquarters at the following address: United Way East Ontario 363 Coventry Road, Ottawa ON. 

For more information about the United Way East Ontario, or the matching gift campaign, please contact info@unitedwayeo.ca.