Speakers’ Bureau

Are you willing to share your story about how United Way has helped you or someone you know?

There is no greater testament to the community are building and the lives we are changing than the first-hand accounts of the impact our donors contribution and our work has had. By becoming a speaker, you are able to put a face and a story behind every dollar donated and how it’s possible to change lives. 

The Speakers’ Bureau provides a unique opportunity to give thanks to those that continue to support the work we do. As a participant you will receive professional communications training, from United Way East Ontario.

Speakers are often request to speak to:

  • Employee groups
  • Groups of potential donors
  • Campaign workers
  • Associations
  • School groups

We are looks for speakers who can address English, French, or bilingual groups, as well as speakers who are fluent in other languages. 

More information

Contact us at speakersbureau@unitedwayeo.ca to learn more.