Schmoozefest 2019


Schmoozefest 2019


Horticulture Building, Lansdowne Park, 1525 Princess Patricia Way Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3


October 24, 2019
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Ottawa’s social event of the year—a place to make new friends, level-up your career, and contribute to a better city.

This is a networking event like no other.

GenNext gathers young entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and change makers from across the city to enjoy great food, drinks, and most importantly—each other.

In a place as expansive as Ottawa, it can be easy to feel isolated or like you don’t have the connections you need to get where you want to be. Schmoozefest is the perfect remedy for that: when you make your social circle larger, it makes the city feel smaller.

What you can expect

We’re all about 100% local impact

Schmoozefest doesn’t just give you a chance to socialize. You have the opportunity to be a part of something big in Ottawa—whether it be by making a single donation to GenNext Ottawa or becoming a supporter of one of our three Giving Circles.

Special offers

  • Become a Giving Circle Supporter with a full *$240 donation (that’s just $20 per month!) between Sept 12 and Oct 18 and receive a complimentary Schmoozefest 2019 ticket, valued at $40!
  • Bring a group of six and get a discount! ($210 total, $35 each)


Thanks to you and our generous sponsors, funds raised at Schmoozefest will be put to work right here in the city you love to create lasting, local change.


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  1. I want to…

    help people in crisis.

    Donate now

  2. I want to…

    support newcomers.

    Donate now

  3. I want to...

    celebrate diversity.

    Donate now

  4. I want to…

    fuel inclusion.

    Donate now

  5. I want to…

    end hate and violence.

    Donate now

  6. I want to…

    make sure every kid graduates.

    Donate now

  7. I want to…

    end youth homelessness.

    Donate now

  8. I want to…

    show my local love.

    Donate now

  9. I want to…

    help seniors thrive.

    Donate now

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