Citywide Escape Off for Youth Homelessness


Citywide Escape Off for Youth Homelessness


Ottawa Escape Manor Locations: 201 Queen Street, 41 York Street, 982 Wellington Street West


February 1, 2020 - February 29, 2020
12:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Registration is now open for Ottawa’s first ever Escape Off!

United Way East Ontario is teaming up with Escape Manor to support Ottawa’s homeless youth on the path to a more stable life.

All funds raised will support United Way’s vital work of providing local youth with education, personal, and employment supports that ease the transition to a more secure, permanent home.

In Ottawa, approximately 1,200 youth experience some form of homelessness every year. While many of us experience crisis at some point in our lives, but not all of us experience homelessness. There’s a reason for that—some of us have a safety net. Help us build that net for youth who don’t.

With your help, we can shut the door to chronic adult homelessness, and save lives.

The team with the best escape time and most funds raised will win inaugural bragging rights and a chance to win chicken (or cauliflower) wings for a year from St.Louis Bar & Grill!

Interested? Here is how to take part:

  • Assemble six (6) friends, neighbours, family members or colleagues.

  • Book an Escape Room using promo code UNITED and proceeds from your entry fee will support United Way’s work with youth homelessness (offer valid Sunday through Thursday).

Or, make an even greater impact!

  • Create a team and fundraise for the cause (this makes you eligible for our prizes!). Remember to choose a team name so the rest of your team can join. You’ll receive next steps and booking details by e-mail upon registration.

  • Raising $150 as a team (that’s only $25 each) by the end of February will make you eligible for any of our awesome prizes!

    • Best Escape Time & Top Fundraising Team: Chicken (or cauliflower) wings for a year from St.Louis Bar & Grill!

    • Second Place: Dinner for 6 at two six {ate} and comedy show at Absolute Comedy for your team!

    • Third Place: Free Escape Room for 6, along with a free beverage at any of the main Escape Manor locations.

  • Need some help reaching your goal? Check out our fundraising tips below.


Book your escape experience today:

Frequently Asked Questions

The details of the Escape Room will be explained at the Escape Manor location. If you choose to create a team and fundraise for the cause (this makes you eligible for our prizes!), you will receive an automatic e-mail where you will be given instructions on booking your Escape Room online via Escape Manor’s website. This booking will only need to be made once, by the person who initially sets up the team.

Team members will pay their individual entry fees in person on the date of their Escape room, at the Escape Manor location.

Once you and your team complete the room, you’ll be notified of your time. Throughout February, you’ll receive updates on the leading teams and their times. There’s no limit to the number of times you can return to Escape Manor throughout February, so you can keep competing for the top spot!

Yes. We ask that each team raises a minimum of $150 together outside of the Escape Room entry fee to be able to qualify for our awesome prizing. Only the teams that raise the minimum will be qualified to win the top prizes. See our tips on how to reach your fundraising goal!

We encourage your team to raise a minimum of $150 per team in donations—that’s only $25 each. It’s surprising how quickly the donations add up once you get started.

All donations go toward United Way’s work in the community that provides youth with education, personal, and employment supports that ease the transition to a more secure, permanent home.

Yes, everyone who makes a donation greater than $20 will receive a tax receipt.

We encourage you to reach this goal, as the money raised supports vital programs and initiatives to support the approximately 1,200 local youth who experience some form of homelessness each year.

If by the end of February if your team hasn’t reached the goal, you can personally make a donation to cover the difference.

The sooner you get started, the easier it will be to raise $150 as a team! Take a look at our tips to help you hit your fundraising target.

Fundraising Tips

You can help our city’s homeless youth.

The donations you raise through the Escape Off will help the approximately 1,200 youth in our city that experience some form of homelessness every year by ensuring that they receive vital supports to move them off the streets. Together, we can shut the door to chronic adult homelessness, and save lives.

Here are some tips!

It’s exciting to think about the size of your social network, and what change you can make possible by inspiring them to care about the causes that are so near and dear to your heart.

  • Family: Brother, sister, mom or dad. Ask at least one of them for a $25. You never know, they might donate more!
  • Friends: What are friends for? Well, in this case, they can give you $15 to help your goal.
  • Co-Workers: Ask one co-worker to help support your goal by donating $15.
  • Neighbours: Ask two of your neighbours for a $15 donation each.
  • Don’t forget—you can also make a donation yourself! You may only need to ask one more person to help you reach your goal.

In addition to this simple fundraising activity, there are all sorts of fun ways you can raise money as a team or individually—think bake sales, garage sales or even a chili cook-off.

You can also use social media to increase your donations by using the assets we’ve provided:

Above all, with everything that you do, don’t forget to share why you care and why helping to end youth homelessness in Ottawa is important to you.

It’s so important that when someone gives you a donation, you thank them for their support. You can also follow-up after your Escape Room and tell them how it went, and how much you raised!

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Reserve your Escape Manor experience and register your team today:


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