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Category: Path to Pride

Growing up, Penelope says she never felt like a boy. Today, she can express her true identity with help from a special local project.
Together, best friends Charlie and Warner are standing up for LGBTQ+ rights and speaking out about what it’s like to be transgender.
In the span of 18 months, the makeup of Amanda’s family completely changed. She said goodbye to her son and husband, and welcomed her daughter and wife.
For most of his life, Brian did not say he was homosexual. Today, he volunteers to ensure that the unique needs of Ottawa's LGBTQ + seniors are met with respect and knowledge.
During his youth in a small town, Corey was outed before he was ready. He now calls Ottawa home, and feels free to be himself.
Soul mates from the day they met, Carole and Peni have supported each other from self-acceptance, developing their lives’ purpose, to building a family.