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of you,

we’re able to create long-lasting change in our communities.

of you,

we’re able to create long-lasting change in our communities.

Although the pandemic no longer feels like an urgent crisis, we cannot deny the ongoing challenges it brought to communities across East Ontario.

The demand for vital services is at an all-time high. Chronic issues like isolation, mental health, and poverty have gotten much worse. There will be more obstacles to overcome.

With your support, we can keep improving lives and creating opportunities for those in our communities who need us most.

Our goal is always to make sure no one is left behind. But we don’t do it alone.

The challenges we tackle demand collaboration. United Way East Ontario works with frontline agencies, government, and local partners to identify and address the most pressing needs. We research, convene, advocate, fundraise, and invest to create the greatest impact. 

Maybe you know someone like Justice, Brenda, or Roxanne. Your support today could help your neighbour, friend, or family member.

Because of you, this year will be a little easier for kids like Justice trying to keep up in school.  

How your gift makes an impact:

Because of you, seniors like Brenda will have more ways to stay connected.  

How your gift makes an impact:

Because of you, people like Roxanne will get the help they need when they’re struggling with their mental health.

How your gift makes an impact:

We always roll up our sleeves to support the most vulnerable, unafraid of the demanding challenges in front of us.

We bring the right people to the table to address social issues, advocate for change, partner to build innovative solutions, and provide support. We then invest our available resources in smart, strategic ways, to ultimately help the thousands of people who depend on United Way.   

It is our promise to you that we stay transparent and accountable, with a 100% local focus. 

Because of you, we’re building a brighter future for everyone.

Help keep our communities strong now, and over the long term. 

Choose your gift amount:

Our minimum online donation amount is $5.00.

Your donation is in good hands.

We invest your gift in smart, strategic ways, to ultimately move the needle. 
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100% Local Impact

Every donation is put to work in the community where it is raised. 

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Top 100 Canadian Charity

Charity Intelligence, MoneySense & Maclean’s named us a top-100 Canadian charity. 

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Issues You Care About

Poverty. Isolation. Homelessness. Together, we can tackle the issues that seem impossible to solve. 

Because of you, we’re creatively and effectively addressing the most pressing local needs.

Discover more stories of impact:
Kids in need turning to safe, fun spaces that nurture positive mental health

United Way works with partners like Christie Lake Kids in an effort to give every child a chance to thrive, no matter their personal circumstances. Through these free programs, youth get the chance to try all kinds of activities, from basketball and soccer to martial arts. It’s a safe space where they can have fun, but also talk to someone about their struggles.   

Caregivers need care too

After 12 years of caring for her husband who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Helia was exhausted and overwhelmed. Thanks to the Nurturing the Caregiver program supported by United Way and Hospice Renfrew, Helia found a safe space for caregivers to take a break from their daily routine—feeling reassurance and comfort while supporting their loved ones.     

Preventing suicide with creativity and collaboration

United Way supports Suicide Prevention Ottawa as they conduct research, lead programs, and advocate for policy change that prevents mental health crises from turning fatal. Yolaine Roberge is a peer support worker who wants to share her lived experience to help others. She reached out to Suicide Prevention Ottawa because she wanted to start a program called Skills for Safer Living.

Because of you, thousands of local people have access to the supports they need to thrive.

We are constantly amazed by the acts of kindness we witness across our region. You show us time and time again that local love lives here. And because of you, we’re making a difference in people’s lives every day.