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Mark Taylor

Vice President, Resource Development

A photo of Mark Taylor

After finishing his two terms as city councillor for Ottawa’s Bay Ward, Mark Taylor promised to continue making a difference by addressing challenging local issues like homelessness, poverty, affordability and more.

Mark joined the United Way management team as Vice President, Resource Development in the spring of 2019—a position that will allow him to continue to make an impact on the region’s most vulnerable populations. Mark was also an active United Way Board Member for five years.

During his eight years on Ottawa’s city council, Mark acted as Deputy Mayor and Special Liaison for Housing and Homelessness. He authored a report on the issues of housing affordability and homelessness in Ottawa and recommended steps to accelerate the City’s progress on its 10-year housing and homelessness efforts. As a member of the Ontario Emergency Task Force on the Opioid Crisis, Mark provided advice and guidance to strengthen the province’s coordinated response. Additionally, as a Member of the Ottawa Board of Health, he advocated for capacity-building around mental health, addictions and harm reduction.

Mark was an only child, raised in Ottawa’s west end by his mother after his dad passed away. Growing up, he saw just how much a caring and compassionate community makes a difference in people’s lives. Today, Mark, his wife Christine, and daughters Sasha and Emily volunteer across Ottawa contributing to that same caring community—one where they believe: Everyone matters.