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Board of Directors

A headshot of Natalie Ladouceur.

Nathalie Ladouceur

Chair, United Way East Ontario Advisory Council for Prescott-Russell

Originally from Hawkesbury, Ms. Ladouceur has been working in the education sector for 25 years where she has held several positions: teacher, pedagogical advisor, community liaison officer for the Ontario Ministry of Education initiative «Élargir l’espace francophone»”, as a member of the principle ’s team and most recently as a consultant.

As of lately, working with  Idée éducation entrepreneuriale she has become a fan of conscious entrepreneurial education. In fact, everywhere she goes, she can’t help but look at the world through this filter. In the summer of 2022, she worked on a two-month educational mission in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo as a collaborator and consultant in support of a local partner.

In addition to her experiences in the education sector, her passion and heart remain within community involvement where for over 30 years she has collaborated with many leaders in various areas contributing to the fields of arts and culture, health, social justice, French language rights and community issues as well as that of capacity building in support of community development within the entrepreneurial culture. To this end, for more than a decade her experiences in Haïti have proven to be enriching and rewarding through this lense of community building, collaboration and partnerships to increase efficacy and efficiency of multiple local and international initiatives.

Centraide has been a long-standing organization in which she has volunteered and donated too. As early as 1988, she became a big sister with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Ottawa and also joined as a campaign speaker for many years speaking to how this experience helped shape and orient her personal and professional endeavours.

Mother of 5 children, she takes great pride in living, participating and creating moments that strengthen their sense of belonging and community inclusion, while supporting linguistic duality.