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Together, we can keep our communities strong

United Way East Ontario breaks down barriers, improves lives, and creates opportunities for the people who need us most in Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark County, and Renfrew County.

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Every day we do our best to be innovative, nimble and responsive to the needs in our communities and interests of our donors.

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From volunteer opportunities to corporate partnerships and beyond, help play a more active role in making your community a better place.

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We love where we live. It’s this local love that fuels our work to bring people and resources together to build strong, healthy, safe communities for all.

United Way East Ontario tackles the tough problems

We work with a network of smart, passionate and engaged donors and partners to get to the root of these local issues and support long-term solutions.

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United Way East Ontario

is a top-rated charity.

Charity Intelligence awarded us a 5-star rating with top marks five years in a row.

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Our newsletter not only keeps you up to date on our work, but also connects you to the pulse of social issues in our region and shares opportunities for you to get more involved.

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Young leaders keep learning after school

Leadership and good mental health practices blossom at youth centres like Osgoode Youth Association, a United Way partner offering important after-school programming and mental health counselling for rural youth.

Help change lives. Donate today.

  • At United Way East Ontario, we tackle the tough problems. When you invest in our work, you’re supporting 100% local initiatives that bring about measurable change for our communities’ most vulnerable people.

  • Complex social challenges like poverty, mental health, or social isolation take more than one person, organization, or sector to solve. So, we work with local agency partners, multiple levels of government, community stakeholders and thousands of donors, to change lives across Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark County and Renfrew County. Through research, consultation and analysis, we have the expertise to identify where our communities need help the most and where we can achieve the greatest results. 

  • While we help people meet their basic needs and get through crisis, we also work on long-term solutions to break down barriers and improve lives for the next generation. 
  • We know our communities’ needs and where we can have the greatest impact. A donation of any size to United Way East Ontario ensures local people are alive, healthy, and thriving.

  • We know that inflation and the rising cost of living are making financial decisions hard for many people, so there are other ways you can show your support:

  • Donations to United Way East Ontario empower us to deeply understand the issues facing our communities, bring the right people to the table to address them, speak with a united voice to policy makers, and invest in proven responses to the challenges in our communities.

  • Your support ensures at-risk kids are on track to graduate, seniors are less isolated, people with disabilities and newcomers have job skills and employment, people in crisis and with mental health challenges have access to immediate support, youth housing needs are met, and much more.

  • To learn more about who you’re helping and how your donation makes a measurable difference, have a look at our annual report.
  • We know that there isn’t just one, singular issue facing our communities. Challenges like poverty, mental health, and social isolation tend to build on one another—creating even more strain on the most vulnerable people in our communities.

  • United Way East Ontario uses all the tools in our box—research, convening, advocacy, investment, fundraising—to reimagine what it means to support our communities holistically.

  • Here’s how we do it:

    • We learn about the problem: we use rigorous data analysis, evidence, and stories from people with lived experiences to understand the diverse challenges our communities face.

    • We bring people together: we convene people and organizations from across all sectors to conquer complex challenges—because we’re stronger when we work together.

    • We advocate: we speak up for action on issues that directly impact our communities—especially for the most vulnerable, whose voices often go unheard.

    • We fundraise: whether through individual and workplace donations, grants, or other resources, we mobilize our communities’ generosity in support of the people who need us most.

    • We invest: our expert volunteers evaluate and make recommendations to fund programs, collaborations, and initiatives that create measurable, lasting change.

  • To see what this looks like in action, subscribe to our newsletter—a valuable resource that not only keeps you up to date on our work, but also connects you to the pulse of social issues in our region and shares opportunities for you to get more involved.

Are you looking for individual support?

211 provides 24/7 help to find services and programs offered by local community groups, non-profits and government departments. Visit 211 now

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